Firefighters and Police search for tourist lost in the mountains

A man, apparently a tourist, got lost this afternoon in the mountains, in the Jardim da Serra area, in Câmara de Lobos.

The alert was given to the Voluntary Firefighters of Câmara de Lobos, who together with the Forestry Police started the searches. In all, there are five firefighters from the Câmara de Lobos corporation and two forest guards.

According to the Diário Notícias, the individual will have suspicions of an ankle sprain, which prompted him to ask for help.

From Diário Notícias

It should be noted that as our morning news reported, also last Saturday the firefighters were looking for a citizen who got lost in the Paul da Serra area. The citizen of Portuguese nationality was walking along a path when he realized that he could not leave it.

The hiker would be located around 2 am this Sunday, with some scratches, but no other health problems. He was taken to the road and did not need medical assistance.


Tourist has been found.

An SRPC source assured JM that the man had already been located. The Forest Guard patrol, which had entered from one side towards Pico Grande, ended up spotting the man.

The man had been lost in the highest part of Pico Grande, in Jardim da Serra, since late this Monday afternoon. He was found a short while ago and is uninjured, according to the same source revealed to the newspaper. The group is now on a path to meet the fire team. Only then will you return to the road, where an ambulance and a pre-hospital team await you. The alert was given by the foreign citizen himself, through 112. After receiving the alert, the Regional Command for Relief Operations (CROS) organized two rescue and search teams composed of the Câmara de Lobos Volunteer Firefighters and the Forestry Police. Now the rescue teams accompany the tourist to the area where he is awaited by an ambulance to assess possible injuries.