Madeira Wanderers Event.

Thanks to Mark Shipton for sending me this.

Madeira Wanderers 2021
4th September,  9h00-12h30 at Hotel Jardim Atlântico/Prazeres
Organization ACSS Raquel Lombardi.

The principle aim is to attempt to offer a regular event to primarily attract the members of Madeira’s population that feel isolated due, to whatever predicament they may find themselves in. Various calamities or disasters that have taken place resulting in physical or mental instability that may effect individuals or families.
Provide an opportunity to inter act with others with either similar or diverse problems as well as those who care for those with such problems, while in the open air and often scenic environments . After a therapeutic run or walk over a set course, a short arrival address, topics arising.
This would give rise for the need for pre determined mapped out risk accessed routes, medical personnel available and experienced physical trainers, congregational start and finish point. The start/finish area would be suitable for a number of vehicles and an area to congregate, talk, get help for various life issues in confidence, refreshments and lunch.
Our partners in this activity are Fisioterapeutas do Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça e Ft Carolina Caldeira; Clube Judo Brava; ANDO Portugal;Hotel Jardim Atlântico dos Prazeres; TSDT RAM; Madeira Acessivel By Wheel Chair ; Associação de Deficientes da RAM e outros ainda em negociação para apoiar.

The registration fee is €5 (includes a snack and a bottle of water).

Mark Shipton
Anyone needing to find out more don’t hesitate to contact me