A new look promenade at Reis Magos

The promenade dos Reis Magos, in the parish of Caniço, reopened to the public today, after a rehabilitation work carried out by the Municipality of Santa Cruz.

Filipe Sousa, president of the municipality, is satisfied with the work carried out and was more satisfied with the positive reactions he got when he was at the site, as he declared at the site.

It was an investment of half a million euros, supported by the municipal budget, which, according to the mayor, represents a “kick-off” for the improvement of the “excellent sea front” of Reis Magos.

“It is a pleasant work, freed from the concrete that mischaracterized the coastline”, says the president and candidate for a new mandate.

(not sure its “freed from the concrete” when it’s all concrete that’s been lated down.)

Access to the sea, outdoor gym, pebbles walkways, intelligent lighting (savings), ecopoints, among other improvements, were included in this project.

From Jornal Madeira

A few photos that I took this morning below.

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