Effects of depression only until tomorrow

Photo I took this morning from Cristo Rei, looking towards Garajau.

Until this Tuesday, the 14th, the weather in the Madeira Archipelago will continue to be influenced “by the action of depression located to the north of the Madeira Archipelago (between Madeira and the Mainland) and from Wednesday onwards by the edge east of the Azores Anticyclone”, reveals Victor Prior, IPMA regional delegate in Madeira.

Thus, it is expected, in general, periods of cloudy skies and the occurrence of showers (weak or occasionally moderate), especially until this Tuesday. “In mountainous regions, the generally light showers should continue over the next few days, until the beginning of next week”, says the meteorologist.

Air temperatures will remain within the normal range for the season. In Funchal, the minimum will vary between 21 and 22ºC, and the maximum between 26 and 28ºC.

As for the wind, “predominant from west/northwest until September 15th (Wednesday) and from north/northeast on the following days, it will generally be weak to moderate (10 to 35 km/h), sometimes strong ( up to 45 km/h) in the highlands”.

At sea “in Madeira and Porto Santo, it is expected, in general, predominant waves from the northwest until the 15th of September (Wednesday) and from the north after the 15th (Wednesday), with significant height ranging from 1.0 m to 2.5m”,

From Diário Notícias