Good evening from Porto Santo

Some of you know, especially my Patreons, that I’m in Porto Santo for a week this week.

Having a bit of a break after a busy summer with family and friends coming and going. But to be honest it’s been a bit like that here with people I know, and have invited me for drinks and lunch etc, including a group of Americans, that were here yesterday for a day with my friend Jorge from Lês Terasses in Calheta

All is good had a lunch with a friend today, and then an invite from a German couple who follow me, and saw I’m in Porto Santo, and invited me on to their boat as they are here for a few days before sailing to Madeira. Was great till I went downstairs to see inside and the sea sickness kicked in, was fine back up on deck… No sick bag needed. Thanks Harald and Beate.

I will put a video on my Patreon tomorrow of my trip in the dinghy to the boat… ? ? ?

Then tonight a lovely moonrise. More adventures tomorrow with City Bubble Cars