It rained ‘orange warning level’ in Prazeres with 32.1 mm per square meter in 1 hour

Heavy rain was recorded this morning in Prazeres. The amount of precipitation reached a value corresponding to an orange warning (32.1 mm/1h). A third of this figure dropped in just 10 minutes.

The rain forecast for this Sunday and which fell during the night was more significant in the extreme southwest of the island of Madeira, with reference to the network of meteorological stations of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) in the Madeira Archipelago.

The four IPMA meteorological stations located further west of Madeira – Prazeres, Ponta do Pargo, Achadas da Cruz/Lombo da Terça and Porto Moniz – registered the highest precipitation values, with the first three presenting meteorological warning levels for the interval 1 hour.

The rain that was felt for just over an hour, starting at 1:30 am, peaked with a heavy downpour shortly after 2 am. At Prazeres it was so significant that in 10 minutes it reached an amount consistent with a yellow warning for the 1 hour interval (10.7 mm/10 min).

The extreme of precipitation in Ponta do Pargo was 17.6 mm/1h, and in Achadas da Cruz/Lombo da Terça, 15.9 mm/1h, both values ​​consistent with the yellow warning.

In Porto Moniz, 8.6 mm/1h were recorded.

At dawn, the IPMA even issued a yellow warning for precipitation in the mountainous regions of Madeira, valid until 6 am.

Ponta de São Jorge and Porto Santo were the only stations of the entire network of meteorological stations of IPMA in the two islands of the Region that there was no record of precipitation in the early hours of this Sunday.

From Diário Notícias