Return of heat raised the temperature above 30 ºC in Funchal

Now that the ‘bad weather’ is over, the air temperature in the Region rose again this Tuesday, having even passed 30 degrees Celsius (ºC) in Funchal. The Lido weather station reached 30.3 ºC at 15:10, the highest maximum temperature in the entire IPMA network in Madeira. Value that equals the extremes of last Wednesday and Thursday, the 8th and 9th, recorded in the same station.

Warm weather was also felt on the north coast of Madeira and Porto Santo, with extremes of maximum temperature reaching 26.3 ºC (São Vicente) and 27.1 ºC, respectively.

The effects of the rise in temperature were also felt at sea. After the sea water in Funchal (ondograph buoy near Porto) had registered ‘only’ 22.1 ºC in the early morning (lowest value of the last week), this afternoon, at 5 pm, the water temperature was already situated in the appetizing 24.6 ºC.

From Diário Notícias