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I had an amazing time with the City Bubble Cars in Porto Santo. I just want to thank Natércio who has been one of my blog partners from the beginning, and the great time I had with his cars.

I had a car for a half-day on my own, and then a full day when Nelio joined me on the Golden Island.

A bit about the cars.


The vehicles chosen were the Renault Twizy, known as Bubbles. The small Bubbles are small, easy to drive, and easy to move in the most varied narrow streets that exist on the island. They have autonomy of 60/70 km, have an automatic transmission, and a maximum speed of 90 km/h, reaching 50km/h in 6.1 sec. safety on the lanes.

City Bubbles strongly recommends the experience not only of driving a 100% electric, 100% ecological Bubble, but also for the enjoyment you will have during the entire trip.

Rent one of these bubble cars and enjoy driving a 100% electric car that looks more like a toy. CityBubbles provides a unique experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to drive a toy along our steep roads.

Madeira Island (November to April) – Porto Santo Island (May to October)

All our clients have access to an application that includes detailed maps of the most picturesque streets, rural villages, viewpoints with impressive views, cultural spaces, among others, with indications on how to get from one point to another, pre-defined, specialized, and organized into themes. You will also know all the places to recharge the car if the battery is getting low, In Porto Santo its not too much of a problem, in Madeira you may need to recharge if out for a day. The cars do recharge themselves a little when going downhill, so this helps a lot in Madeira.

I had a great time with the car, and visited many places on the island including the viewpoints and other beach areas to swim, like Porto das Salemas in the north of the island with its crystal clear natural rock pools.

One of the best places to charge the car is on the far South West of the island at Calheta, there are two charge points, and it’s a perfect place to stop for a drink or a snack in the bar/restaurant there or a refreshing swim on the beach, which is also stunning for photography (some I have shared with my Patreons and there is more to come) The car charges pretty quick from 0 to about 80% in an hour or so.

20% Discount

The cars will be back in Madeira from November 1st, and a great way to explore some areas of the island with lots of fun. The cars seat two people, the driver, and passenger and through mentioning my blog you will get a discount of 20% just mention Madeira Island News when booking and enjoy the discount.

You can email or phone or message Natércio on the email or numbers below.

Take at look at their website here

Also please take a look at their Facebook page citybubbles or on TripAdvisor you can read all the great reviews and see all the fun you could be having in Madeira or Porto Santo. Perfect also for the Digital Nomads here.

Want the fun, but traveling on your own, or don’t have a driving license, email me at and let me know.

Here below are the views and the car I had in Porto Santo. If you have any questions about the car just let me know, and I hope you will have some fun in Madeira or Porto Santo on your next holiday.

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