“Forbes” magazine says that Madeira is “a world apart” on our planet

“Forbes” magazine dedicated a special article to Madeira, which it describes as “a world apart”. During his visit to the Portuguese region, among many other things, Tom Mullen was totally in love with traditional food. “His cuisine is generally healthy and rich,” he wrote in the October 24 article . He added: “Its local air is fresh, moist and sweet, and the songs of the birds light up the sky.”

The reporter from “Forbes” didn’t just want to know the natural beauty of the archipelago. I also wanted to know the main names in the island’s current politics. For this, he spoke with Dinarte Fernandes, the current president of Santana. Dinarte Fernandes reveals that, for him, Madeira is unique thanks to the combination of landscapes, people and their experiences.

To better understand the way Madeira dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic, Mullen also met with businessman Eduardo Jesus, who was one of the main people responsible for bringing life back to the island. “Because of Covid, older people are afraid to travel. The first people who started traveling again were younger. We changed our brand with a new concept. We tried to reinforce simple points: we are a destination to visit at any time of the year, and an active destination for different ages”, he told the American magazine.

Tom Mullen quickly realized that older people can simply stroll around the island, letting themselves be engulfed by the fresh air and green landscapes, while the younger and more active can try paragliding, mountain biking, hiking and even triathlons. The journalist highlights, however, scubadiving, which has more and more fans. “All those who participate in this aquatic activity can find a wide variety of marine life”: moray eels, giant anemones, Atlantic trumpet fish, yellow tail barracuda, lobsters, among others.

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You can read or listen to the full artical by Tom Mullen on the Forbes website on the link below.

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