Rui Barreto confident in the return of cruises

The Regional Secretary for the Economy said today that he is satisfied and confident in the prospects that are opening up in this resumption of the cruise market, as an example with the shipowner of the vessel “Vasco da Gama” which today debuted in the Port of Funchal and which has already shown interest in this winter to make biweekly stopovers here.

Rui Barreto went on board this morning to welcome the captain of the largest Portuguese cruise ship, restored in Portuguese shipyards, owned by the Portuguese Mário Ferreira and registered in the International Shipping Register of Madeira.

It was these marks of Portugal that led the regional secretary for the Economy to choose this ship to symbolically welcome the resumption of cruises in the Port of Funchal, remembering that before the pandemic this market had an annual impact of 50 million euros on the regional economy.

The government official recalled that the return of the ships to the Ports of Madeira “is the best proof of the companies’ confidence in APRAM’s procedures and plans and in the reception of cruise passengers and crew.”

“It is also proof that health safety is currently one of the attractions and priority in ports and also on ships,” he said, stressing that the entire delegation that was on board was tested before entering the ship.

It should be noted that this was the first trip on board, after the resumption, since the welcome ceremonies in the first stopovers, since October 1st, were on the pier, next to the ships.

In command of the “Vasco da Gama” is the Greek Charilaos Petridis who received the regional authorities for the usual exchange of crests and where those present toasted the arrival and success of the new ship of ‘Mystic Cruises’.

On this trip, “Vasco da Gama” brought 275 passengers and 443 crew on board.

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