Alleged shooting in Funchal was the hallucination of a man under the influence of drugs

The alleged shooting, that’s been going round over news sites and social media in the Funchal marina earlier this Friday night, turned out to be nothing more than a hallucination of a man under the influence of drugs walking downtown with a baby carriage.

The Madeira Volunteer Fire Department is transporting the individual to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça Hospital, under escort by the PSP, to be evaluated by the psychiatry service.

The PSP and the Maritime Police took care of the occurrence. The situation generated great publicity, since the existence of two victims was reported to the authorities, all the result of ‘imagination’.

According to the DIÁRIO, the ‘anonymous’ denunciation of an alleged shooting with the wounded caused the PSP Regional Command to activate the security protocol for the Funchal marina.

However, it was found that the presumed author of the threats was the individual identified by the PSP. The man, apparently under the influence of a synthetic drug known as ‘Bloom’, was searched by the PSP and had several lozenges in his pockets that were collected by agents.

The process follows the procedures under the mental health law.

From Diário Notícias

Video below from Jornal Madeira.

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