DIÁRIO fulfills commitment to plant the first 145 trees

This Saturday morning, readers and employees of Diario de Notícias da Madeira, accompanied by family members, got together to participate in the environmental initiative entitled ‘Trees guarantee your future, come and plant yours’, which is part of one of the commitments assumed since 11th of October on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of this media body.

The initiative involved the planting of the first 145 plants in the Funchal Ecological Park, bringing together around 40 participants.

José Manuel Ferreira came from Calheta to participate in the initiative. He said that he learned of this initiative through DIÁRIO: “As I am a regular reader, I read the news and I am participating and I think it is good to involve the community in these things”.

Several children participated along with their families. This year, the DIÁRIO intends to plant around 20 thousand trees.

Massarocos, stars, mountain gouges and mountain uveira were planted.

The initiative was attended by the Municipal Councilor for the Environment of Funchal City Council (CMF), Nádia Coelho, the regional director for Environment and Climate Change, Manuel Ara Oliveira, with the support of employees of the Funchal Ecological Park.

The CMF councilor stressed the importance of this type of initiative, as “it is by reforesting and restoring ecosystems that we will be able to guarantee a better future for the city of Funchal”.

He also stressed that this type of initiative is always welcome and its aim is to increase awareness-raising and volunteer activities from next year onwards.

From Diário Notícias