National union says bus drivers in Madeira are not obliged to control tests to covid-19

“Workers, namely drivers, during their work are not obliged to request or control any entry of passengers regarding the covid-19 screening tests. The responsibility for inspecting the entry of passengers with or without the appropriate tests is responsibility of the competent authorities for this purpose, and drivers are not included in these authorities”.

This is the understanding of the National Union of Drivers and Other Workers which, through a communiqué, responds to the decisions of the Regional Government on new measures/recommendations to combat covid-19.

Regarding the issue of mandatory testing of the covid-19 tests, says the National Union of Drivers and Other Workers that “the norm is not mandatory, that is, no worker in the area of ​​collective road transport of passengers in the sector private or public, is obliged to carry out any screening tests of covid-19. The standard advises or recommends, as you wish to interpret. But it does not oblige.”

From Diário Notícias

It’s all breaking down already, and most bars and restaurants are saying the same, that they will not check people on entry.