Ants – How to prevent this pest?

A problem many of us have faced at some point over here.

Ants are in the same group as wasps and bees and are considered social insects.

This small animal releases pheromones that identify the paths taken by them from food sources to anthills, they are commensal pests, that is, they like to live close to people and feed essentially on the same things we do – sweets, meats, starches and liquids, water, and can also feed on other insects.

It is considered an omnivore, as it feeds on animal or vegetable products.

It is important to define what kind of food the ants prefer, as this helps to determine the species of ant we are dealing with.

Ants are usually found close to their food sources, damp points and in sheltered and hidden places.

They particularly prefer holes in walls, the underside of appliances or air conditioners, window or wall baseboards, or other similar places.

What is the best way to avoid ants?

The best way to avoid ants at home is to learn to prevent them, which can be helped by having an integrated pest control plan, but in a specialized and continuous way.

Tips to minimize the entry of ants into your home:

Eliminate food sources
Keeping the kitchen tidy will discourage ants from entering your home. Clean counters and sweep the floor regularly. Store food in closed containers and keep ripe fruit in the fridge. Clean any sticky jars, use lids on the trash cans, and dump them out regularly.

Eliminate water sources.

Reducing indoor stagnant water and sources of moisture, repairing leaky pipes and checking gutters is half the battle so that ants don’t get used to looking for water inside your house.

Animal bowls are attractive to ants, both in water and in feed. Keep bowls clean, store feed dry by insulating the opening, and place unused wet feed in the refrigerator. Also regularly inspect the animal’s access doors and the hovels placed in the yards.

Block access Points. 

Inspect the exterior of your home. Trees and shrubs should be considered, as the branches provide direct access for the ants. Seal cracks and crevices on the outside of the house, especially in areas where pipes enter.

Do not fight this fight alone!

Without the necessary knowledge and the proper tools, fighting ants can be a tough and frustrating battle.

An infestation can continue to grow uncontrollably if not handled correctly. Some species of ants can even damage your home or even put your family at risk, as they can contaminate food!

Ants are animals that pass through unpleasant places, such as: sewers, dumps, holes, dead animals and even the street itself. Due to this, this small animal can spread several gastrointestinal diseases, when coming into contact with our food.

An analysis of the surrounding environment, therefore, allows for a better perception of the appearance of the Black Ant or other ant species, as food sources will certainly be a strong attraction.

Regarding buildings, the existence of access points facilitate the appearance of urban pests, so we must never forget that it  is the human being who creates the essential conditions for the proliferation of pests.

Pest control is an activity that should act in accordance with the balance of the environmental and ecological environment and also be part of public health.

The work done with a view pest control it as such, should be subject to strict verification of local control, as well as a careful analysis of the products and methods to be used, with the  Extermination – Hygiene Control, Lda.  Fit and duly certified to contribute to the success in solving this problem.

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