Covid-19 updates.

Porto Santo with 174 active cases.

The epidemiological situation in Porto Santo continues to cause concern.

Pedro Ramos reveals that the island currently has 174 active cases, which are at risk of extreme transmissibility.

86% vaccinated

Madeira is more protected, but it is necessary to “vaccinate more”, revealed Pedro Ramos, at the press conference taking place at the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection.

The regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos, said this afternoon that “87% of the vaccination has started and now 86% is complete” and has again called for the population to be vaccinated, as cases are increasing in Worldwide.

I think now they should admit that those not wanting the vaccine won’t change their minds now, as well as the minds of the parents with their children.

28 people in hospital.

Pedro Ramos reveals that it is good that there are no hospitalizations in the Intensive Care Unit, but it is necessary to continue using a mask and all safety measures.

So far, “there are 99 people in Hotel Units and 28 people in hospitals, but we don’t have any person in the Intensive Care Unit”. In a balance made just now, Pedro Ramos points out that there are still 34 health professionals infected, 16 people are also in the social area and there are still 180 cases of professionals in the area of ​​education, which continues to show a decline.