Most stores without entrance control encourage relaxation

Most of Funchal’s stores and shopping centers still do not ask for the vaccination certificate and the test recommended by the health authorities in the Region. A situation that has generated greater relaxation among Madeirans, who, this public holiday, took the opportunity to shop for Christmas and stroll around large commercial surfaces.

Irene Teixeira, for example, took the test precisely to buy gifts for the family. However, she told the Diário that “she spent hours at the pharmacy in vain”, as “no one controls absolutely anything”. “This way we don’t get anywhere. I get tested weekly, but if other people know they can get in anywhere without testing, they still don’t worry about passing on the virus. This way it never ends. It is in the conscience of each one”, she said.

Susana Correia only came to Funchal because she knew they weren’t asking for the test. “I didn’t take the test because it’s rare to leave the house and I’ll only do it when I have to go to the hairdresser because so far it’s been the only place I’ve been asked to do,” she said, considering these measures “an exaggeration on the part of the Government”.

Note that the use of masks has been respected by Madeirans.

From Diário Notícias

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