Several people without a test or vaccination certificate ‘barred’ at the entrance to the amusement park

Not even a walk without the presentation of the test to covid-19 and the vaccination certificate. These are the rules for entering the Funchal amusement park and the Circus.

Several people have been ‘barred’ from entry for not meeting these requirements which, for Rui Carvalho, are fundamental for a return to normality.

“The idea is that people understand that they should be vaccinated and that they have to have a negative test. It is obvious that no one can force anyone to take the vaccine, but we want them to understand that it is for the good of society, that it is for the good of all of us and that they understand that this is not happening in Madeira, Continent nor in Europe, it is in the World. World science has been studying the case and I think they are not vaccinating the whole world just because they want to”, he explained.

The responsibility for the amusement park and the circus defends that “if we all respect now, the future is already tomorrow” and despite the low attendance on a cloudy and rainy holiday, they are happy to be able to resume the activity with some normality.

From Diário Notícias