Covid 19 updates

Massive testing of the population in Madeira ends this Tuesday. 

The massive testing of the Madeiran population ends this Tuesday, February 1st, at 00:00. The announcement was made a moment ago by the regional secretary of Health, Pedro Ramos, who is giving a press conference on the new measures to contain the covid-19 pandemic.

Last week, Miguel Albuquerque had already mentioned that the massive testing of the population was no longer justified, allowing the Regional Government to foresee this decision.

3rd dose vaccination certificate required for access to restaurants and bars. 

This is a stupid rule as no bars or restaurants are checking, and they won’t either.

Citizens wishing to access restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, sports and other cultural, social and similar activities may do so as long as they present a complete vaccination certificate, including the 3rd dose with more than 14 days. If you do not have the complete vaccination, the customer must cumulatively present a quick covid-19 screening test, weekly, paid.

Pedro Ramos made the announcement a little while ago, through a press conference, indicating that it is still possible to present a certificate of recovery.

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