Freighters held up due to bad weather allowed to unload in Funchal

The Regional Government authorized the container ships that are sheltered in the north of the island of Madeira, to proceed with the unloading – of livestock, perishable goods in refrigerated containers and other goods considered emergency – at the cruise port of Funchal “on an exceptional basis”. ”, in order to avoid supply constraints. The information was confirmed by DIÁRIO with Rui Barreto, regional secretary for the Economy.

In recent days, three container ships were forced to seek shelter on the north coast of the island of Madeira due to the strong maritime agitation in the south quadrant that is felt at the mouth of the maritime terminals, compromising the approach maneuver to the commercial port of Caniçal, to unload the goods and supply the regional economy.

The initial perspectives that there would be favorable conditions for the ships to dock in Caniçal during this Tuesday did not materialize, which caused the alarm bell to sound on board the container ships that transport perishable goods.

The freighter ‘Ponta do Sol’ is currently heading to Funchal and should moor at the Pontinha pier at 20:00, one hour after the departure of the cruise ship ‘Mein Schiff 4’, to proceed with unloading using the on-board cranes. . Priority will be given to live animals and refrigerated merchandise.

Tomorrow morning, it will be the turn of the container ship ‘Funchalense 5’ to take up position in Funchal. It should dock at the north pier, in conjunction with the Ports of Madeira and after the departure of the ship ‘Aida Mar’, which will release moorings at 5:30 am.

According to the Secretary for the Economy, the unloading of 28 of the 420 TEUs transported by the ship is planned, which will be carried out with the help of two imposing on-board cranes. It will be mainly merchandise and perishable goods, and hazardous products such as liquefied gas (in a gaseous state) that is intended to supply the region’s energy sector and whose operation will take place in compliance with all safety standards in the port.

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