The Lobo Marinho vessel is already berthed at the port of Caniçal, where it will comply with the usual annual maintenance plan.

It should be remembered that the maintenance work should last about five weeks, as stated by Porto Santo Line, in a statement, last Monday.

“During this maintenance period and, as in recent years, trips to Porto Santo will be safeguarded, by plane, via Binter, with 50 seats available per day. Sales of these tickets will be made available only to Porto Santo residents, in the Funchal store – Avenida do Mar and Madeira Communities nº 20 and in the Porto Santo store – Rua D. Estevão de Alencastre, store 6-7, starting tomorrow, January 4th, 2022”, reads. if in the statement.

“During the period of the M/M “Lobo Marinho” dock and, in order to ensure the goods transport service, Porto Santo Line will charter a containerized cargo ship, which will carry out 1 (one) weekly trip for the transport of between Madeira and Porto Santo, thus ensuring the supply of the island”, added the company.

“With regard to perishable and fresh goods, Porto Santo Line, and without prejudice to what has been said about containerized cargo, will ensure a second weekly connection, on Friday, applying the same price as maritime transport, in order to supplying Porto Santo with this type of products”, refers in the same note, which also mentions the free availability, in Porto Santo, of “refrigerated containers for the storage of these products”.

From Jornal Madeira


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