Albuquerque admits that operations with Kiev and Moscow will be affected

“The first implication will be the operations that we have from Kiev and Moscow,” said the president of the Regional Government in statements to journalists about the war in Ukraine.

“We have an operation, on Saturday, of a direct flight from Kiev, which is the operation we have with Ukraine and we have an operation that we started a short time ago, which is the direct flight from Moscow. This could have implications, in the case of Ukraine with the closure of airspace and, in the case of Moscow, with possible sanctions”, elaborated Miguel Albuquerque, who was speaking on the sidelines of the presentation of the new graphic design of the Islenha magazine, at Quinta Magnólia.

Furthermore, regarding the conflict, the head of the Madeiran government expressed the hope that it “will end as soon as possible, in the sense of returning to this normality”.

“The people who have come here, both Russian and Ukrainian citizens, are very friendly people and it has been important for our Tourism. They have nothing to do with political regimes”, stressed the President of the Regional Government. , recalling the figures already advanced by the Secretary of Tourism.

From Diário Notícias

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