No Anona Festival as planned

Casa do Povo do Faial informs that the party alluding to the Regional Exhibition of Anona will be held again this year in digital format, with a special online edition, with the aim of continuing to promote and enhance this iconic product of our Region and its derivatives.

The decision comes as a result of the low production of anona in this season, which is fundamentally due to the high temperatures and low relative humidity during the flowering of the annona tree, which significantly affected the production volume.

These problems external to the culture itself, which are caused by climate change, prevent the holding of an in-person party that perpetuates the history and richness of the Anona Regional Exhibition.

In the decision taken, in conjunction with the competent authorities, a precautionary principle is also underlying, at a time when we are preparing for a new transition phase in the relief of restrictions to face Covid-19, which does not invalidate maintaining a basic distance. Social.

Moreover, since this culture is expected to grow again in a sustainable way, given the work being carried out on the ground by the technicians of the Regional Government of Madeira, in order to minimize the impact of the drop in production, we are confident and certain that in 2023 all the conditions will be met for the realization of a camp as in ancient times, around a fruit that is unique in the life of this Region.

From Jornal Madeira

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