Non-vaccinated must pay for tests for sports competitions and visit homes in Madeira

They sem to be making up rules as they go along at the monent first children without the vacci és couldn’t go to spots events etc, now they say they can go if they have started their vaccine program.

Now more changes in rules, and nothing seems to be clear anymore, it’s just becoming a race and pressure on the population, to get boosters to get their children vaccinated and so on, human rights have gone out the window, and it’s just all discrimination now, in my opinion.

So now this has changed below.

The regional secretaries of Health, Education and Inclusion reported this afternoon, at a press conference, that citizens not vaccinated against Covi-19 will have to pay for their weekly test to participate in sports competitions or to visit homes or long-term care units. . Regarding visits to patients in hospitals, it will be necessary to carry out a weekly test, but the Regional Government assumes the respective costs.

“In relation to hospitals, it is a very special, very specific area. Health is responsible for the weekly test”, justified the regional secretary Pedro Ramos.