Regional Government will continue to support the Madeira Wine Rally and the ‘Legend’

Miguel Albuquerque assured that the Regional Government “will continue to support” the Madeira Wine Rally and the Legend Rally.

The president of the Madeiran executive considers that motor sport is “extremely popular” in the Region and “continues to drag crowds onto the road”.

The guarantee was left this afternoon at the public presentation of the book ‘A Contribution to the History of Sport Automobilism in Madeira’, by Rui Vieira da Silva.

“I am grateful for this document that is bequeathed to the Region. An exhaustive investigation, for a decades-long work on the realization of motorsport competitions”, highlighted Miguel Albuquerque.

Rui Vieira da Silva spoke about a work that “took 20 years to complete”, the result of a lot of research, especially through the Regional Archive.

“I tried to be as exhaustive as possible in describing the races from that time, so different from now”, he revealed.

The initiative, which had the support of the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, took place at the headquarters of Club Sports Madeira, the organizer of the Madeira Wine Rally (RVM).

Pedro Melvill de Araújo, RVM’s doctor and race director, presented the work, referring to a “surprising” work, which in addition to “gathering a lot of data from the media about motorsport, also brings many stories about the races that did at the time”.

From Diário Notícias

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