Reinforcement of radars “is essential to improve the accessibility of one of the main airports in the country”

Albuquerque “surprised” by the sudden guarantee of opening a tender for the acquisition of equipment

Less than two weeks after the parliamentary hearing to NAV – Portugal, which claimed that it did not have the money or budget for the 4.5 million euros needed to proceed with the public tender for the acquisition of two equipment for Madeira Airport, PS deputy Carlos Pereira announced on RTP-M that the contest will be launched next March.

A revelation that is to the liking of the president of the Regional Government, despite having been taken by surprise with the unexpected guarantee of unblocking a process that has been going on for almost a decade.

“I am always surprised. I’ve been waiting nine years for this problem to be resolved,” he said. He again blamed the “organization called ANAC, which is one of those organizations where they fit some types in pots and that doesn’t work”, hoping that the eternal problem will be solved in order to mitigate the operational constraints of Madeira Airport.

“I hope that this will go ahead once and for all”, wished Miguel Albuquerque, on the sidelines of a visit to a commercial establishment in the area of ​​Cancela, in Caniço.

He recalls that the equipment in question is a “fundamental investment for the country” and not just for the Region, remembering that it is “essential to improve the accessibility of one of the country’s main airports”.

Will it be this one? “Let’s see,” was the reply.

From Diário Notícias