Madeira Airport is already operating normally, having registered at least nine arrivals and six departures today, after bad weather caused the cancellation of more than 100 flights since Sunday.

According to information available on the website of ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, 42 flights were canceled today – arrivals and departures –, but throughout the day nine planes landed and six have already taken off to various destinations in Europe.

The adverse weather conditions, namely the strong wind in the area of ​​Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, in Santa Cruz, affected thousands of passengers since Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) lifted the bad weather warnings ashore on the island of Madeira and Porto Santo, but maintains the alerts for maritime agitation throughout the archipelago – orange on the north coast and Porto Santo and yellow on the south coast.

On Sunday night, the Region was hit by the Celia depression, with strong winds from the north, carrying a mass of cold and unstable air that caused showers, sometimes strong, snowfall and hail, accompanied by thunderstorms.

The most critical period of the storm took place during dawn and Monday morning, with a “significant” drop in temperature, rain and strong wind, a situation that led to several occurrences across the island of Madeira, such as falling trees, small landslides and , clogged gutters and several road accidents, but serious situations were not signaled.

The mountainous areas of Madeira are now covered in snow and several sections of regional and municipal roads are closed or restricted to traffic for safety reasons.

Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow (Wednesday) 40 flights are due to arrive making it a busy day for the airport.

The airport will still be strong with gusts up to 65 kmh on the west and east ends of the island, and up to 85 kmh in the mountain regions.

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