Ukraine Fundraising Auction

Should be fun for a good cause, but please note Husbands or Wives are not to be auctioned….

On the 10th March 2022,  Madeira Fitness Friends alongside Digital Nomads of Madeira, held at item collection for Ukraine at the 23 Vintage Bar and the response was extremely positive where many locals and nomads came together for the cause. 

Doris Taussig, who creates emoticon art pieces, came forward to donate her unique “HappyTottii” character and hence the idea arose that a second fundraising auction campaign should take place but with artists who too would like to donate their art pieces.

Therefore, on 17th March 2022 at 19:00, the Design Center Nini Andrade will open its doors for anyone who would like to auction not only art pieces but absolutely anything as all proceeds will go to the campaign.

The group announced that not only artists can participate but anyone can bring any item to be auctioned. The group joked saying that even baked cookies are acceptable.  There will be a silent auction where bidders can go round and write their bids and also a more traditional auction shall take place.

The group call out for any artists who want to take part and also hope to see more locals getting involved.

Networking will still take place but with a sweet “auction beyond actions” ending.

For more information, contact Madeira Fitness Friends co-founders Marelin and Luis Calado on +961015850 or +353861856510.

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