Cold made itself felt on the first night of spring

Spring started with a negative minimum temperature in the highest points of the island of Madeira, namely -0.3ºC in Bica da Cana, at 07:00.

At Pico do Areeiro, the weather station stopped emitting precisely a week ago. It remains ‘frozen’.

With three stations inoperative, the highest minimum temperature today (until 7:00 am) was 14.5ºC in Funchal/Lido.

Returning to the mountain range, it will not have snowed because there was practically no precipitation (0.1 mm).

During the night, the minimum temperatures in some locations at intermediate levels were chilling as they were below double digits: Santana (9.3ºC), Quinta Grande (8.6ºC), Monte (7.9ºC), Prazeres (7.6ºC) and Santo da Serra (5.9ºC).

From Diário Notícias

It’s going to be another cool week, especially at night, but already today its feeling warmer in the sunshine. Hopefully a week of seeing more of the sun this week. 🌞🌞🌞

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