Minimum temperatures hit records

This early morning air temperatures remain negative at the IPMA meteorological stations located above the 1500-meter elevation – Pico do Areeiro, Chão do Areeiro (-1.4 ºC) and Bica da Cana (-1.5 ºC). In the case of the highest season, Pico do Areeiro, the last available record dates back to 03:00 in the morning, when -3.2 ºC was registered, the lowest minimum temperature recorded this winter in Madeira.

In this season, the accumulated precipitation is very significant (it would correspond to a red warning), but everything indicates that this value is being inflated by the accumulated snow, and therefore should not be considered. Allegedly the extreme cold will have blocked the device that transmits the data of this station.

Temperatures in the last hour remained very low even at intermediate levels as was the case of Santo da Serra (4.4 ºC), Prazeres and Monte (5.9 ºC).

From Diário Notícias