Secretary of Health says that “we are now much more comfortable”

The pandemic situation in the Region with regard to covid-19 is now more comfortable, which allows for the easing of restrictive measures, namely the end of the mandatory use of the mask in outdoor spaces.

Pedro Ramos even mentions that “we are now much more comfortable”, pointing out that with the ‘end’ of the mask it will be implemented in a phased manner.

The regional secretary pointed out that the masks will be removed “with the same rigor” with which they were implemented and he does not expect an increase in cases with this lightening of the measures, referring to some comfort given the current vaccination coverage.

Pedro Ramos, also highlighted the fact that 40% of the Madeiran population has already had covid-19.

Hopefully we will see the end to the masks very soon, over 90%, vaccinated, and hospital and deaths very low. There are still a large number of cases, over 700 A-day at the moment for the last week, but it’s causing no problems.