Covid-19 positivity in Madeira increased by 3% in March

Preliminary data from the Covid-19 Sentinel Surveillance carried out in the Region allow for a 3% increase in the positivity rate among asymptomatic citizens who were randomly tested, from 1.34% in February to 4.4% last month.

In the case of symptomatic patients, as Pedro Ramos said, Madeira went from a rate of 4.1% to 4.6% in March.

The regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection pointed to the decrease in hospitalizations and realized that the three patients admitted to intensive care do not have complications arising from covid-19, but from other underlying pathologies.

In view of last month’s covid-19 numbers, based on data that regional health authorities already have, Pedro Ramos says that the situation requires “to continue with the same prudence, to continue with the same behavior that we have had”.

In view of these numbers, the government official puts aside, for now, the end of the measures in force, namely the use of the mask in interior spaces.

The secretary once again recalled the added value of vaccine coverage in the Region, a situation that guarantees some comfort and does not require a step back from restrictions.

Regarding the flu, Pedro Ramos recognized a slight increase in recent weeks, with some hospitalizations, but no associated deaths. This situation was already expected by the health authorities, reminding the governor of the end of the mandatory use of the mask in outdoor spaces.

From Diário Notícias