More than half of the Pingo Doce warehouse was charred

The aerial images captured by DIÁRIO show that more than half of the Jerónimo Martins warehouse, in São Martinho, was charred due to the fire that broke out on Saturday night.

Despite the fact that a large part of the infrastructure burned down, it is likely that the entire warehouse was affected due to the rapid spread of the fire, which generated a large apparatus and mobilized four fire brigades to the site, in a total of more than 70 crew.

At this stage, the aftermath works are taking place, but there is still a lot of smoke in the place.

Only then can the damage be accounted for.

As reported by the DIÁRIO, although there were no injuries, some houses had to be evacuated due to the proximity of the fire, and the PSP created a security perimeter to keep the many people who went to the area to see the fire away.

At this moment, a team of Firefighters Sapadores do Funchal continues, with four crew, supported by a fire fighting vehicle.

From Diário Notícias