Photo from Duarte Cunha.

And what will they do to stop this, absolutely f… all… If they have a price, even if 10 times more than what you can buy elsewhere they can’t do anything, so it’s the tourists that will continue to suffer, and the tourist board of Madeira are very happy with this and will continue promoting the market as much as possible. 

The Regional Authority for Economic Activities (ARAE) went this Tuesday to the Mercado dos Lavradores, in Funchal, after receiving a complaint from a tourist, who, after buying fruit at one of the stalls, was surprised at the amount he paid.

To make sure that he was not being deceived, since the foreign citizen understood that the price he paid was expensive, he contacted ARAE, which initiated an inspection action in order to investigate the situation.

“We made inquiries at the Mercado dos Lavradores, more specifically at the stall where the tourist had bought the products. We proceeded with the weighing, as well as the verification of the price and we verified that everything was identified and in sight. And we confirmed that in the bank in question everything was in compliance”, explained Luís Miguel Rosa, regional inspector at ARAE.

Although this was a complaint that did not end up in any offence, Luís Miguel Rosa recognizes that in recent times ARAE has received several complaints that essentially deal with the general increase in prices. However, “normally, these complaints that arrive are generic, that is, it is not a specific situation or a specific location”, he maintains.


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