ECM workers started today (4/13/2022) two days of strike, verifying that workers in the following sectors are 100% on strike: Workshop, maintenance and full warehouse; on the lines, a single filling line was in operation.

The Union (SINTAB) states that the company did everything to demobilize workers from the strike, namely to create doubts in the legality of the strike.

“Remembering that ECM workers have not had an increase in their salaries since 2019 (inclusive). The workers’ claims, presented in the union proposal in 2019, states:

– Increase of 4%, in the table and clauses of pecuniary expression, being the minimum increase of 40€ for each worker.

– 35 hours a week, 7 hours a day (distributed from Monday to Friday, as mentioned in the AE).

– Remuneration for overtime work: 50% in the 1st hour; 75% in the 2nd hour and 100% in the third and following hours. 200% on weekly rest days and holidays.

– Shift work: 15% increase on monthly remuneration for two shifts and 30% for three shifts.

– 25 working days of vacation. In the conciliation meetings held at the DRTI, since 2019, the ECM has always presented reasons to extend the date of its response. In 2021, in the absence of a response from the ECM, the workers gathered in plenary decided to reformulate the proposal with effect from January 2021″, they inform in a statement.

Furthermore, they recall that “the workers have been without a salary increase for more than three years, they refuse the 1.5% proposal and fight by participating in the strike, demanding a new proposal from the company that meets their just demands. that the workers’ claims are realistic with the situation of the ECM, not least because the company gave €50 and €100 increase to some workers in March/2022 salaries”.

From Jornal Madeira

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