Number of foreigners residing in Madeira has increased by 19% since the beginning of the pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the foreign population residing in Madeira has increased by 18.9%, from 8,586 individuals in 2019 to a total of 10,591 in December 2021.

“There continues to be an important presence of communities of various origins that coexist in a harmonious way”, said Sónia Pereira, after an audience at the Government Palace, this Thursday morning, in Funchal, with the regional director for Communities and External Cooperation. , Rui Abreu.

The Venezuelan community gained great expression, currently being the largest foreign community residing in the Region, with 2,433 people, followed by the British (1,220 people), Brazilians (1,013), Germans (890 citizens) and Italians (614) , according to data from the Regional Directorate for Communities.

The increase in immigration to Madeira is explained by the stability and economic and social growth, explained Rui Abreu. Currently, the number of foreigners residing in the Region has increased to around 11,000.

The president of the High Commissioner for Migration, Sónia Pereira, is visiting the Region to participate in the festivities of the World Day for Cultural Diversity, celebrated on 21 May, Saturday, and to learn about the program organized by the Regional Government and the ongoing projects that allow immigrant communities residing in Madeira to exchange cultural, gastronomic and living experiences.

Sónia Pereira will take advantage of this trip to the Region to also contact representatives of immigrant communities, learn about the valences of the Local Support Center for the Integration of Migrants, which was born from a partnership between the High Commissioner and visit two projects of the ‘Escolhas’ program. , which supports children in “vulnerable situations”. Most are Portuguese nationals, some of whom are Roma, she revealed.

From Diário Notícias