ABAMA regrets “total ignorance” of the amount paid to banana producers

In a statement sent to the newsroom, the Association of Organizations of Banana Producers of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (ABAMA), repudiates the statements that it considers “disgusting, offensive and demagogic” by Miguel Albuquerque, with regard to the price paid to banana producers .

Thus, ABAMA “regrets the disorientation and total ignorance, lack of character and bad faith” of the President of the Regional Government (GR) as well as of GESBA, when stated that the “Madeira banana is very well paid to the producer”, as these statements throw “sand in the eyes of farmers and the population in general”.

The Association explains that, in 2005, the banana paid to the producer by category had the following value: ”  extra banana €0.60/kg; first-rate banana €0.51/kg and second-rate banana €0.30/kg more Community aid”, however the prices currently paid (2022), by GESBA, are “extra banana €0.268/kg; first-rate banana €0.178/kg and second-rate banana €0.074/kg plus Community aid”.

In the statement, ABAMA considers it important to inform farmers that the amount paid to banana producers, by category, is “lower on average by  €0.30/kg” when compared to 2005.

In this way, ABAMA requests “respect for farmers who are suffering great financial difficulties, with increases in plant protection products, electricity, water, wages, etc”.

In short, ABAMA intends to defend the interests of Madeira’s banana producers, “those who get their hands on the land, who defend the quality of what is produced, valuing our island, whether for tourism, the landscape or the environment, such as jobs, leverage the local economy and the Madeira banana brand”.

From Diário Notícias