Diesel Rises 10 Cents From Monday

Diesel will be more expensive from next Monday, June 20th. The increase is higher than that seen in the last update and raises the price per liter of this fuel to 1 euro and 88 cents – the same amount that was already charged in the first week of April this year.

This is an increase of 10 cents per liter after the 8 cents that motorists had to pay more since last Monday.

The unleaded gasoline of 95 and 98 octane practically maintains the price, taking into account that the marked decrease is 0.001 cents.

Therefore, a liter of 95 octane Gasoline continues to cost 2 euros and 6 cents per liter – the highest value found to date at regional filling stations – while 1 liter of 98 octane Gasoline is still worth 2 euros and 20 cents. .

The approval of the maximum prices for fuel sales to the public is contained in the Joint Order of the Finance and Economy secretariats.

Prices in force in Madeira from the 20th of June:

Unleaded gasoline IO 95 ……… € 2,062 per liter

Road diesel ……………………..€ 1,883 per liter

Colored and marked diesel……..€ 1,528 per liter

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