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The mayor of Funchal, Pedro Calado, was today at the funeral of the young pilot Pedro Paixão, where hundreds of family and friends gathered.

Visibly moved, Pedro Calado, Pedro Paixão’s opponent in the regional rally championship, took the floor to address his friend, promising that his future victories will also belong to the young man who died after a motorcycle accident in Porto Santo.

Here is Pedro Calado’s speech:

“Friend Pedro

Nobody imagined being here, today and now, like this with you.

There were so many moments of joy, complicity, friendship, challenge, smiles, tears, looks exchanged between losers and winners…

There was always respect, admiration, exchanges of ideas, words, looks, and permanent challenges inside and outside the cars.

Behind the timer and outside the “specials”, a friend, a smile, a contagious good mood, an irreverent presence, which infected us all.

It didn’t have to be like this…

In this rally of your life, you left without saying anything and left us without a word, without saying goodbye, without a hug.

On the road, we were sporting opponents.

But on the street, friends.

You’re too young to leave us like this.

Fate wanted you to end the rally of your life the way you always liked to ride: with speed, with adrenaline.

You leave your smile, your enthusiasm, your desire, and your strength. Your irreverence.

We share and share moments of great emotion, adrenaline, and enthusiasm.

You left too quickly!

You made a false start!

On this your last trip, on behalf of all of us, the motorsport family, we want to take you to your last address.

We promise, that you will always be with us all.

In each “special”, in each rally, you will be there with us, in search of the best time….

All our victories will also be yours!

Thank you for your teachings, especially this one, at the end of your life: everything is ephemeral, everything is worth it, if we do it with joy, with friendship, with unity.

Wherever you are, look out for us, for your family, for your friends, and look out for this entire motorsport family, which loves and respects you so much.

a heartfelt hug

Rest in peace!

Always with you.

Always together!

See you soon Pedro.”

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