‘Festa da Lapa’ changes name to ‘Festival de Gastronomia e Poesia’

The president of the Parish Council of Paul do Mar is the first local voice to speak of the change of name of the ‘Festa da Lapa’ to ‘Festival de Gastronomia e Poesia’, ( Gastronomic and Poetry) which will take place in that parish between the 15th and 17th of July.

For Paulo Rodrigues, this change of name leads to the question: “Is this the end of the Lapa party in Paul do Mar?”. And he adds in a short message on his Facebook page: “I am shocked by the name change of a poster that was already part of our parish!”

The truth is that despite the change of name of the event promoted by Casa do Povo, with the support of the Regional Government and the Municipality of Calheta, on the Madeira Tourism portal the promotion continues to be made with the previous name.

“For three days in July, the Festa da Lapa takes place, honoring the limpets harvested from the rocky shores of Paul do Mar, a very important delicacy for the local economy. Visitors can admire the splendid views over the sea while enjoying one of the region’s favorite dishes – limpets grilled with butter, garlic and lemon. Simply delicious! The entertainment includes traditional dances, as well as the presence of DJ’s and live bands”, writes on visitamadeira.pt.

The announcement of the new name of what will be the XVI edition of the Festa da Lapa or the I Festival of Gastronomy and Poetry of Paul do Mar was made on the facebook of Casa do Povo at midnight and three minutes this Wednesday.

From Diário Notícias

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