Two vehicles from the Municipal Fire Department of Machico are currently fighting a fire that may have been caused by rockets launched following the feast of Nossa Senhora da Graça.

At a time when the Region is facing a heat wave, it is worth remembering that the risk of fire is great and that risky behaviors should be avoided, such as the creation of bonfires and the use of rockets.

On its page, the Regional Civil Protection Service reminds the population that:

It is forbidden to carry out burnings or bonfires for recreation or leisure, or for cooking;
The use of burning and combustion equipment intended for lighting or cooking is prohibited;
It is forbidden to burn cut and piled woods and any type of leftovers from exploitation;
It is forbidden to launch balloons with lit fuses or any other type of rockets;
It is forbidden to smoke or make fire of any kind in the forest areas and roads that surround them.

From Jornal Madeira

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