PSD Madeira creates new Facebook page after computer attack

“We cannot stand still or fail to exhaust all alternatives to ensure the dynamics that the party has been assuming in this area”, says the secretary general of the PSD/Madeira, José Prada, quoted in a press release.

Therefore, he says, a new page of the social-democratic regional structure will be launched on the social network, which will be available at

In addition to the PSD/Madeira page, the computer attack over the weekend affected the Regional Government page on the same social network.

Also according to José Prada, the attack had “origin in Indonesia and Thailand”, so it is “very difficult to identify”.

“What is expected is that, in close collaboration with the authorities involved in the process, there will be, as soon as possible, some conclusion about what happened”, he adds.

José Prada also stresses that the PSD’s objective with the new page is “to bring everyone together and restore the dynamics that the new times require in terms of digital communication”, considering that “it depends on everyone to minimize the impacts of this unfortunate occurrence”.

On Monday, the president of the Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, announced that if the problem of the computer attack on the executive’s official page on the Facebook platform is not overcome by today, a new one will be created.

From RTP Madeira