The promised call for August 21 was not confirmed. Dates have been changed, but negotiations continue. Now, everything points to mid-September.

The date of August 21st for the inaugural flight of an operation that starts directly connecting Funchal and Caracas was taken for granted. The news, published in the DN on July 26, ended up, however, not being confirmed.

Throughout this week, JM sought to learn new details of the operation, but found more doubts than certainties.

From the travel agents, who didn’t know anything a few days before the date announced, to other authorities that should have been more rigorously informed about the operation.

Even today, JM sought to find out more information and found new doubts. A source from EuroAtlantic, the airline indicated for this operation, assured that the promised flight to start regularly from August 21 remains without a date. And I didn’t want to give a new date. He only said that the operation is still in negotiations. “There is no green light,” said the same source.

Also with another source, in Caracas, JM learned that everything is being dealt with, but still without defined dates and that the Venezuelan authorities demand above all that the device to be used is a modern, first-line aircraft. However, everything now points to the operation starting in mid-September.

From Jornal Madeira