PAN warns of the “pitiful state” of turtles ‘exposed’ at the Porto Moniz Multipurpose Center

Shame on the Mayor or President of Porto Moniz.

Again this is in the news, and nothing is done, it’s a total disgrace. I highlighted this a while ago after tourists that read my blog contacted me, and I went there to see for myself. This can be seen on the link below.

PAN Madeira issued a statement, expressing its concern about the turtles that are ‘exposed’ at the Porto Moniz Multipurpose Center.

The party says it went to visit the site, after receiving complaints, and “saw the appalling state of the animals.”

PAN assures that “it is aware of this situation, having communicated with the IFCN to update the situation”, having been informed that the process is being monitored and that “they will carry out due diligence as soon as possible”.

The party considers this to be “a regrettable and extremely violent situation”, seeing no public interest in “using animals for this type of activity”.

“PAN does not understand how the Municipal Council of Porto Moniz condones this type of animal exploitation”, says the party in the statement.

From Diário Notícias