This area is a totally nightmare,  and many tour companies,  and taxi drivers have taken it from their schedule when doing a tour on that side of the island.

Below From Jornal Madeira

Motorists forced to make a U-turn or retreat tens of meters to give way.

The sunny day in the middle of the holiday month caused congestion again today next to the trout ponds and at the entrance to the Balcões pedestrian path, in Ribeiro Frio.

With the parking problem that has often been in the news, tourists and residents are left with little more than parking on the side of the road for tens of meters, reducing the two lanes to just one. Result: when two cars meet in the opposite direction, one of them has to back up.

This early afternoon, such a scenario happened again, very frequent in recent months. Two oncoming vehicles tried to pass at the same time and ended up causing a slight collision.

However, they start filling out forms and end up clogging up traffic for minutes. Some drivers ended up reversing,  others backed off and waited for their turn. It is recalled that the traffic at the entrance to the Vereda dos Balcões or to Portela has caused several constraints in recent months.

The Regional Government, through the Secretary of Finance, recently announced the creation of improvised car parks, but these solutions have not yet been known.


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