The CDU Municipal Representative, Herlanda Amado, said this morning that “the processes of degradation, the lack of rigor and demand in the preservation of historic centers by regional entities, make few feel included in Funchal, built by PSD and PS, where only some enjoy the city to the full, while others are expelled from their places of identity, living in the “ghetto” city.

The municipal deputy was speaking about an initiative carried out in Largo dos Varadouros, near the gates of Funchal, where she denounced the growing social segregation imposed on the people of Funchal.

“The illusion of offering housing developments that would face the lack of housing in Funchal has been announced, but these are only for those who have money. Examples of the thousands of homes that will be built where the average sale exceeds any affordable value for workers half a million euros to buy a house for those who live on their income, when most receive the minimum wage? How is it possible to rent a house when the values ​​reach 800 or 1000 euros/month?”, he questioned.

An installation was made at Portas da Cidade: 100 pairs of shoes, representing the thousands who were being expelled from the city.

From Jornal Madeira

Property prices are pretty shocking at the moment,  anyone from the island looking to buy or rent long-term its finding it almost impossible with the huge increase in prices.

Someone sent me this property in Arco Calheta,  it was advertised as a T1 1 bedroom,  but I contacted Idealista to have this changed as clearly from the photos its a studio T0, which they have now done.

T0 arco Calheta 770.00 a month

These stupid prices can’t stay for much longer,  when minimum wage here is 4.55 euros per hour.,  then 11% social security off that,  and any tax which may need paying.  I really don’t know how families are surviving.  Then the added problem of landlords kicking tennents out,  as they know they can get far greater rents now,  leaving people with nowhere to go.

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