The regional secretary for Tourism and Culture considered the record of more than one million overnight stays registered in July in Madeira as a “moment of great satisfaction”.

“This is the first time that more than one million overnight stays have been reached in any month in our tourism history. The example is given that in the month of July (2022) we had more overnight stays than the entire year of 1972”, highlighted Eduardo Jesus, reacting to the quick estimate of the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DREM), which revealed that this July was the best month ever in the history of regional tourism.

“The 1,045,800 overnight stays represent more than 26% of what we recorded in 2019 and more than 68% of the performance in 2021”, he compared.

For the official, there is a “double-digit growing affirmation” of tourism in the Region – and “always above 20%” in relation to 2019 -, which is “very important for the sector, for the entire tourist activity and for the entire community”. regional economy that depends on more than 26% of this sector”.

The secretary also emphasizes that in July there was “the highest number of guests ever”, with more than 39% compared to July 2019, and corresponding to 186,900 guests.

The main origins were from the national market (240,000 overnight stays), the United Kingdom (192,000), Germany (172,000) and France (71,000), which reflects a “very large recovery of the large markets that feed us”, emphasizes Eduardo Jesus . In fact, considering the year 2019, only the national market doubled in July (+102%).

“It is confirmation of the trend that we have been verifying. It is also, in a consistent way, a message that places us as a destination that is knowing how to make the most of this post-pandemic period and that is knowing how to take advantage of all the work it has done in this most difficult phase that the sector has gone through ”. 

Now, the government’s objective “is to keep the activity levels of the tourist sector well up there, thus leaving the greatest possible contribution to the well-being of the entire population of Madeira”.

From Jornal Madeira

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