LIDL does not give up on the Red Cross

“Lidl maintains its relationship and collaboration with the authorities of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which are always very positive and with a clear focus on results. Our objective remains on the island: to offer the highest quality at the best prices, in the best possible locations”, begins by referring to the German supermarket chain, in a statement sent to the media, the day after having seen the lead confirmed, by Câmara do Funchal, with the intention of installing a store in Largo Severiano Ferraz.

“This is a very important store, for us and for our customers, because, due to its central location, it allows people to shop on foot, without having to use the car, which significantly reduces possible traffic problems,” insists Lidl.

The company says it respects the decision of the Funchal City Council – namely with regard to architecture and access for trucks -, “but we will propose alternatives that manage to align the positive will, both of politicians and the inhabitants of the center of Funchal”.

As mentioned in the news yesterday Lidl gave 5 million euros for the existing space in Largo Severiano Ferraz.

From Diário Notícias

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