Dogs chained in mud and rain in Canhas

Nothing Changes, NONE of the Charities WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE A STAND…. Same sad stories everyday. What does the government and councils do, there are laws in place but this just seems to be on a bit of paper….

The owners of dogs like this all over the island, are nothing but pathetic human beings that deserve nothing in life themselves.

Below From Diário Notícias

Cases of mistreatment and neglect of animals, especially dogs, are multiplying in the Region.

This time, Associação Ajuda a Alimentar a Dogs rescued two dogs that were chained in the mud and rain in Canhas, Ponta de Sol.

“We are starting to lack the words to describe these atrocities”, can be read in the association’s publication, where they report on the precarious conditions in which they found the animals.

The association reports that, at the time of the rescue, the Ponta de Sol PSP was also present, to whom they thank “the brilliant work” of the two agents. “Very committed, polite and always raising the awareness of tutors”.

Regarding Ruca and Luna, who are now starting a new life, the Association asks for help to pay the expenses of the Veterinary Hospital, where they were admitted to receive medical care.

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