Mercado dos Lavradores is the most popular attraction in Madeira

A big mistake by Musement…???

Going just on reviews, without looking I can bet that at least half are bad reviews due to people being ripped off in the area. 

According to ‘Musement’, an online platform for booking leisure and cultural activities, the Mercado dos Lavradores is the most popular attraction in Madeira.

This platform produced a map with the most popular attractions in each of the country’s 18 districts. To select the 20 most visited attractions, “more than 1,600 places of interest across the country were considered and analyzed the number of reviews received on Google by each of them. The attraction with the most reviews was considered the most popular in the district “, explains the note sent by ‘Musement’.

The most notable attractions in the Region are: Mercados do Lavradores, with 17,361 reviews, Miradouro do Cabo Girão, with 13,998 reviews and, in third place, was the Botanical Garden of Madeira, with 12,611 reviews.

Nationally, the most visited attractions are divided into a few categories. Regarding ‘Castles and Fortalezas’, the most visited are Castelo de São Jorge, in Lisbon, with 70,000 reviews, and Castelo de Guimarães, in Braga, which also attracted thousands of tourists both for its architectural beauty and its history. .

The Sanctuary of Fátima (more than 89 thousand reviews), in Santarém, is a mandatory stop for tourists who appreciate religious temples.

With regard to ‘Natural Reserves and Gardens’, the Arrábida Natural Park, in Setúbal, leads the evaluations, followed by Terra Nostra Park, on São Miguel Island, in the Azores.

Finally, with regard to ‘Historical Monuments’, the Roman Temple of Évora is the most valued.

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