A 20-year-old man from Santa Cruz was missing for a day. The boy, born in Santa Cruz, left home on Friday to go to Funchal and should have returned on the 18:45 bus.

An eyewitness, confided to the newspaper Guida Nunes, the boy’s mother, allegedly saw the young man being forced into a Black Ford Focus, in the 2000 building area, in Funchal. This is late Friday afternoon.

The alert for his disappearance was given that same afternoon to the PSP and through social networks by the young man’s mother.

Guida Nunes left an appeal to anyone who might know her son’s whereabouts, indicating her concern, not least because she was always in contact with her son via cell phone and was surprised by the silence.

Appeared with bruises

This Saturday afternoon, the young man, Rogério Nóbrega, who has associated mental disorders, was found next to the Dr. Nelio Mendonca. He had several bruises and appeared to be scared.

“It seems he didn’t recognize me,” Guida Nunes, the young man’s mother, told Jornal when she saw her son yesterday afternoon.

Rogério Nóbrega was admitted to the Hospital, but has since been discharged and is doing well.

The young man’s mother warns anyone who may have seen what happened at the time when her son was allegedly forced into a vehicle with three individuals, to contact the authorities in order to unravel the case.

Note that the young man, when he appeared, in addition to being scared, did not have some of his belongings. The mother revealed to the newspaper that one of the individuals even forced the young man to format his cell phone and give it to him.

Also inside the car, the boy was forced to partially undress, as he confided to his mother, who replicated the conversation to our newspaper.

From Jornal Madeira